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  1. Sam T Sam T

    Ordered my copy today!

  2. Dantheman50 Dantheman50

    Looking forward to reading this one I enjoyed the first

  3. Kookooforcoco Kookooforcoco

    Love me some little j!

  4. Floyd Johnson Floyd Johnson

    Just ordered mine with express shipping

  5. Y2gradyxx55 Y2gradyxx55

    Can’t wait to read it!

  6. Clark Clark

    Nice job dude

  7. Matt Andrews Matt Andrews

    Getting for my nieces as an easter gift. Looks good

  8. MaryG MaryG

    Mine will be here in 10 days!

  9. Umbrella46 Umbrella46

    Little js Christmas was a decent little book so I’ll give this one a try

  10. Motorrev5tt Motorrev5tt

    Trailer is awesome! Well done

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