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  1. Phil G Phil G

    Excellent illustration

  2. Dmoney98 Dmoney98

    Ordering my copy today!

  3. Sheikh Sheikh

    I love your drawing style 🙂

  4. Mark T Mark T

    Just ordered mine with priority shipping

  5. Flowerban Flowerban

    I’ve got the old version but I’m going to get the new one too. Call me a collector.

  6. this is my username this is my username

    My son is gonna love this!

  7. Mary T Mary T

    My kids love your book, J!

  8. Da Da

    Where can I get one

  9. Goofy Goofy

    Looking forward to getting the hardback

  10. Mike Mike

    I haven’t had a chance to order any of the kids books yet but now I’m gonna wait for the new editions 🙂

  11. Carlito Carlito

    I’ve seen this guy in Raleigh before

  12. Deborah Maxwell Deborah Maxwell

    My sons are crazy about blocky the bully!

  13. I’m going to Outback I’m going to Outback

    Beautiful artwork

  14. Mr G Mr G

    Well done, sir

  15. Robert S Robert S

    Awesome kids book!

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