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  1. Top men Top men

    This is a great children’s author!

  2. Phillip Phillip

    Wow you’re a good drawer!

  3. D money08 D money08

    My son is begging me for this

  4. Ty57 Ty57

    Glad to see this. People need to know the true meaning of the holidays.

  5. Sherita Sherita

    I’m from a smal English-speaking town in Guatemala. All the kids here love your books!

  6. Jkholp Jkholp

    You’re very good

  7. Sammu Sammu

    I’ve got the old version but the art in this one is way better! Good work!

  8. Dressy Dressy

    I want one!

  9. Margot Margot


  10. Clap trap Clap trap

    Heckuva good read

  11. Carlito Carlito

    Got for my kid

  12. Wilton B Wilton B

    You can really get good deals on these books at blurb. They’ve always got good promotions going.

  13. Hg Hg

    Yes especially if you order in bulk

  14. Sam J Sam J

    I’m going to order some for my kids congregation

  15. Markus Markus

    Very awesome

  16. DanG DanG

    Just ordered mine

  17. Xx08zx Xx08zx

    Awesome stuff

  18. Bill O Bill O

    Great for kids!

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