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  1. Robert Toms Robert Toms

    Got mine already. Love it!

  2. Mary Mary

    My son love the Little J books!

  3. Yolo Yolo

    This is amazing

  4. James S James S

    Amazingly talented

  5. G J G J

    Very proud of your work

  6. Right man Right man

    Love the art!

  7. Phillip Phillip

    I agree! I love his drawing style!

  8. D money89 D money89

    Always a fan

  9. Karl U Karl U

    Got the Christmas for my daughter she’s a big fan

  10. Lilly Lilly

    Lots of my friends have your book here in the great land of Canada! Little men, big treasures

  11. PaulO PaulO

    Love it

  12. The real boss The real boss


  13. Fan of stuff Fan of stuff

    Amazing art work from this kid!

  14. Doll Doll


  15. Mike Mike

    Ordered should be getting mine soon

  16. Y’all tale Y’all tale

    Love love love

  17. Olly Olly

    Mines on the way

  18. Bobert Bobert

    Just ordered mine

  19. Tim Smith Tim Smith

    I got all your books and I just ordered this one

  20. Dunbar Dunbar

    Wicked amazing stuff

  21. Got em Got em

    You slayed it again dude

  22. Silly T Silly T

    Fun books

  23. Babe Babe

    Love it so much! Great stuff!

  24. John S John S


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