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Featured in a Local Newspaper

Recently I was contacted by staff writer David Murray of the Oxford Public Ledger, a prestigious local newspaper in my home state of North Carolina. He told me that he had been hearing stories about a young new author making headway nearby and asked me if I would meet with him to get to know each other a little better. When we sat down at the Richard H. Thornton Library, we discovered we had more in common than we would have ever expected. We were both indie authors, both attended the same church (at different times), and were both victims of a scam by the same vanity publishing company. On that day, we exchanged books, formed a lasting friendship, and Mr. Murray was even kind enough to write an article about me and my books in the local newspaper. The fantastic article can be read by clicking the image above!

I encourage you to check out “Diary of a Christian Footsoldier: Hope on 37th Street” by David Murray. It’s a fantastic read about a man’s incredible life story and personal experiences with God. You won’t want to put it down!

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