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Called to Intercede: Volume 6



There is an intricate difference to the being an watchman on the wall in prayer and being an intercessor and that is that a watchman avails themselves to continuous times of covering and protecting others in and through prayer. A watchman under the vitalness and pertinence of prayer watches. The watchman understands that their task although tedious is one that will stop the enemy right in his tracks. In this powerful series Dr. Rodgers and an elite army of intercessors provide the insight and instruction as to how being a watchman on the wall has transformed their lives and how their stories and testimonies can help to inspire other watchman and intercessors to continue to stand on the wall in prayer. This anthology is an encouragement to watchman on the wall that have prayed and labored in prayer for nations to not give up but to remain consistent in the battle as a watchman on the wall for nations.


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