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Called to Intercede: Volume 7



The quest for warriors on the frontline in ministry has been one that has been most attributed to the watchmen on the wall that have withstood the battle through prayer. As watchmen on the wall pray around the clock and cover nations on behalf of Jesus it is an impeding sound and declaration to the world that lets the world know the importance of being in the right place at the right time and covering God’s people. Watchmen on the wall do not let up due to adversities or pain instead they remain on the wall and continue to pray harder for those in need and to cover and protect the body of Christ through continuous prayer and intercession. In this anthology Dr. Monique Rodgers and an elite army of intercessors deliver the message of hope, healing and deliverance to other intercessors who are also called and chosen watchmen on the wall for nations. This book is a lifesaving tool for both intercessors and warriors who are called to serve and protect the body of Christ through prayer.


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