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J. Edwards Holt


Who am I? What do I do?

Welcome to! Allow me to introduce myself. I am J. Edwards Holt and I’m an author of fantasy novels.

When I’m not writing, I work as a Home Health Aide, assisting the elderly and disabled. Being a home health aide is my part time job, as I consider writing to be my priority. However, being a Home Health Aide is very rewarding, as it allows me to not only go out and get to know people but gives me the chance to help them as well.

In my free time, I enjoy writing and drawing, watching science fiction/super hero movies, collecting comic books, hanging out with my dog, or just spending time with friends. I also teach Sunday school at my local church.

Before I decided to become a writer, I worked as a teacher for eight years. In my senior year of high school, I worked as a camp counselor and an assistant in the after-school program, eventually going on to be Site Director for that same program. After that program ended, I worked as the director of education at a local Boys and Girls Club, a teacher assistant, and alert became a certified teacher.

While teaching had its benefits, it just wasn’t the job for me. I eventually decided to leave the field of education and pursue my dream to become an author. After a few years of being a full-time writer, I saw that writing doesn’t always afford an author a living. So, I decided to get a part-time job in home health care.

Where does my name come from?

I chose to use the initial “J.” instead of my first name for my pen name years ago before I wrote my first book. I always liked the sound of the name, and I told myself that if I ever published anything, it would be under that pseudonym. I even went ahead and opened various social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Gmail under that name, just in case. When I published my first book, I decided to use the pen name.

What kinds of things do I write?

All my books are Christian books, meaning that all of them have a Christ-centered message inside them. You may not be able to tell that my books are Christian-based when you first see them, but after reading them you will see that they all are meant to instill Christian values.

For me, writing Christian books means everything. As much as I love to write and draw, doing it without a Christian theme/message would just seem pointless. As someone who grew up in a Christian home, I always wanted to do God’s work in some way or another, and I feel that writing Christian books has now become my ministry. My goal for all my books is not just for the reader to enjoy them, but also for them to learn something new about God.

When I started writing my first published book, I had not yet considered being a Christian author. My book was simply a fantasy-themed story that I was writing just to be writing, mostly for fun. However, halfway through writing the first draft, I was told that my publisher only accepted Christian books, so I came up with the idea to give the book a Christian message. Immediately my work went from a dull, halfway-decent project to something I felt incredibly passionate about. I went back and changed lots of things in my story to include a God-filled message and ultimately teach a valuable lesson. During editing, my editor informed me that my book did a perfect job of conveying the Christian message that I was going for.

How did I get published?

Instead of going the traditional publishing route, I decided to go through the way of vanity publishing. Most people that know about vanity publishing have heard of Tate Publishing, which is the company I chose to bring out my first book, “Little Men, Big Treasures”. Upon Tate Publishing’s accepting of my book, I signed a contract with them, stating that they would publish my book if I paid them. As I couldn’t afford to pay their hefty price all at once, they agreed to let me pay them over time.

Throughout the first few months of the process, they were very kind to me and helped a lot along the way. They were very interactive in the publishing, even calling and consulting with me on certain things, and editing my manuscript to get it ready for the public to read.

About six months later, I made my last payment to them. After making the last payment, I didn’t hear from them and they wouldn’t answer my calls/emails. For a few weeks I tried to get in touch with them but heard nothing. At one point, they sent me an email saying that they were updating their website and phone line, and that they would contact me when they were finished.

After a month of calling and emailing them, I googled Tate Publishing in the news, only to find out that their company had gone bankrupt. As it turns out, the people that promised to publish my book took my money, and the money of hundreds of other authors, and used it on themselves for personal and leisurely activities.

Though this seemed terrible at first, I eventually found out about CreateSpace, Amazon’s self-publishing company. I decided to publish through them and I don’t regret it. Self-publishing was difficult, and it required a lot of tedious work, but overall it was a great learning experience. Self-publishing also, as it turns out, is better for me, as it allows me to maintain complete creative rights to my work.

In conclusion…

To sum it all up, you could say that I’m a Christian author. While that doesn’t describe everything that I do, it tells you enough about me and what I stand for. If you want to know more about me, you can always follow my social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube to keep up with what I’m working on. Most of what I post is writing-related or Christian-based, but I also like to laugh so sometimes I post silly, humorous things, while other times I may post something related to Marvel or Star Wars as I am a kid at heart.

I am currently working on developing an email newsletter, so that my followers who don’t do social media can keep up with all my latest projects. If you would like to subscribe, you can do so here on my website.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who visits my website and to everyone who follows my work. Thanks to your support I’m encouraged to keep on writing! Links to all my books/publications are right here on my website, and easy to find. Thank you for visiting and God bless you!

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