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The Story of Barrenworld Kicks Off

The first chapter of Barrenworld is finally here! It may have only taken me a year and a half to write, but “Curse of the Warlord’s Chalice” is a story that’s been decades in the making. It all started with an imaginative eleven-year-old old boy who got a Fisher Price Great Adventures set for Christmas. This set included the forest, pirate ship, castles, and all the characters that came with them (pictured below).

As soon as I opened the play sets, I started coming up with names for the characters. Each one was given a specific role to play in a “movie” I had them act out. That “movie” eventually came to be the story of “Barrenworld”, and all the characters made it into the book. Throughout my childhood I was always daydreaming, coming up with different stories over the years. But I always found myself coming back to the “Barrenworld” stories and characters.

In 2016, I decided to go ahead and put my ideas on paper to be published. However, a few weeks and around twenty pages or so into the project, I started to realize I wasn’t ready to write the story I had been thinking about for so long — not just yet. I was going to be a first-time author and I felt there was a lot I needed to learn before putting something so dear to me out for the world to see. So, I started reading a lot of books in the fantasy genre, watched some online courses about story-crafting and world building, and proceeded to write “Little Men, Big Treasures”, a tale that would ultimately become a three-part prequel to “Barrenworld”.

After the success of my first trilogy, a children’s book, and a collection of short stories, I decided I was ready to revisit the old drafts of “Barrenworld” and get started writing the book I had dreamed of for so long. It took a lot of hard work and rewrites, but after about a year and a half, “Barrenworld” was ready to be published.

To order or download your copy of “Barrenworld: Curse of the Warlord’s Chalice” today, click the link at the top of this post and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

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